Acute neck pain can be very debilitating, but with some physiotherapy, most people will see an improvement in one to two weeks and the majority of people experience no pain in eight to ten weeks. We will provide you with advice and education on exercises for neck pain aimed at reducing the likelihood of it recurring while giving you tips on how best to reduce pain on a daily basis.



Neck Pain can often be associated with neck stiffness, pins and needles in the arm, shoulder stiffness and related pain in the shoulder blade, head, arm, wrist and hand. It can be caused by a sprained ligament, pressure on a disc or a muscle strain or spasm. Neck pain can also be a result of poor postural habits at work, whiplash post road traffic accident, strains while playing sports or stress related incidents in one’s life.

Osteoarthritis, which causes narrowing of the space between vertebrae and the growth of bone spurs on vertebrae as a result of increased pressure, can cause pain in the neck or arm if the nerve has been compressed.



Apart from providing rapid pain relief, there are a number of other important ways that we can help with neck pain.

Our Physiotherapists offer a broad range of treatment options such as massage, soft tissue release, trigger point therapy, exercise prescription and joint mobilisation. As a result, they are in the best position to improve your overall strength, flexibility and range of movement, addressing any limitations you may have which may be contributing to your neck pain.

Neck pain is experienced by about 70% of people at some stage in their life and is one of the most common reasons for a visit to the physiotherapist. With such a high frequency of patient visits for everything from a simple stiff neck through to the more complex combined neck and shoulder pain with pins and needles, we are well versed in the various types of neck pain that can occur and are highly skilled at supporting people with Neck Pain.